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Accelerate AUM growth with our cutting-edge competitive intelligence. Whether you're launching new products, enhancing your marketing strategy, optimizing product pricing, or developing your distribution tactics, Flowspring has you covered. Our actionable analytics are designed to support your toughest decisions.
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COVID-19 Asset Management Weekly
Our weekly summary of the evolving COVID-19 pandemic. This report is meant to provide a repository of relevant data to evaluate ongoing health, market, and asset flow impacts which may aid your decision making.
On Swimming Naked and Tides
As the current bull market enters its 11th year, we raise the question: which asset managers are positioned for the inevitable bear market? Warren Buffet once noted, “You only find out who’s swimming naked when the tide goes out.” With due respect to Mr. Buffet, put on your goggles, because we’re about to dive below the surface and find out exactly who’s swimming naked before the tide goes out. We study the largest 25 asset managers and assess their fee sensitivity to market downturns in various asset classes.
Asset Management Quanta
Flowspring's Asset Management Quanta is a monthly compilation of the most important trends and statistics in the asset management industry. This particular report was compiled as of April 2019 to give an accurate picture of the global open-end and exchange-traded fund landscape. It contains information relating to the distribution of assets, changes in assets, trends in fees and fund launches, and emerging investor preferences. We present this report without commentary so as to provide updated data in a timely manner, and to allow the data to speak for itself.
The Game Theory of Fund Price Wars
The fund industry continues to raise the competitive stakes by lowering their fees, particularly on passive and exchange-traded products. Naturally every stakeholder questions how far this trend can go, and who will win this war of attrition. We use a simple dollar auction game to demonstrate that fees can indeed go lower
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